Place your site immediately at the top, on the 1st page on Google, reserved for commercial SEO

When internet users are performing searches on Google using one of your keywords, a link to your site and an advertisement will be displayed allowing the user to access your site.
 No fixed cost is charged for the appearance of your ad on the first page of Google. The price (set by Google based on the keywords you want, usually a few tens of eurocents) will be charged only if the user clicks on the link to actually visit your website.
 You also have the flexibility to fully manage these costs by limiting your daily or monthly budget. Google has implemented all the necessary protection mechanisms to prevent fraudulent clicks.

Our Pay Per Click experts will offer you all the necessary services for Adwords campaigns in order to optimize traffic to your site.
Avyacom offer you implementation and management of commercial SEO on Google by putting at your disposal their long experience and know-how to make your site visible and targeted for your customers as soon as possible.

Details about our Google Adwords Offer

– Advertising optimization
If you are tempted by online marketing, we are here to help you get maximum benefit from pay per click programs. We will optimize your campaigns, maximize your advertising and make you spend less while having the best results…
– Lead Generation
We tie the message and the page content directly to the keyword, ad group or advertising message on which the prospect clicked and we make a dynamic insertion of the word that is his search subject, redirecting him to a new page…
– Adwords campaign Management Strategy
You will have an immediate benefit : save money and generate more leads using our services because we spend long hours each day to optimize your campaigns. One of the great advantages of ppc management is that you can see exactly what retains attention…
– Management of various internet advertising programs
The most popular PPC Search Engine is Google and their advertising program is called Google AdWords. The closest search engines in terms of popularity are Yahoo! Marketing, Bing, and Ask. There are several other search engines and advertising platforms providing PPC advertising opportunities…
– Results tracking
ROI Management for paid listings and PPC advertising means understanding the value of a visitor, and also calculating the actual cost of the desired action. In paid listings and PPC campaigns management it is important to analyze the cost per click…
– Click fraud tracking
According to statistics, up to 20% of all the PPC traffic delivered to the publisher through search engines comes from fraudulent clicks. Our staff experienced in PPC management knows how to fix this problem…

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