Why an Ecommerce Website ?

Today, with the increasing number of online shopping, it is essential for a company to be present on the Internet and to have its own e-commerce store. This has many important benefits.

The benefits of e-commerce

– Whether you are a local shop or business in national outreach, open your online store you will considerably expand your customer base. Develop new markets across the country or even the world.

– Your customers can buy your products or services 24 hour/7 day. Your online store gives you the opportunity to reach users at the most strategic moments when they go out of work, on weekends or during the lunch break, when making their purchases.

– To be seen, internet investments are cheaper than a physical shop. Some natural and paid search engine optimization, and a small amount of online communication. The same is true for some positions, the costs are significantly reduced. For example, the customer service, the commercial part … The website is working for you..

– Many customers are seeking simple, fast and secure solutions. No time to waste to go to the store, go through a vendor or waiting in checkout. Moreover, on the internet you can easily see the customer reviews who purchased the product. With access to products quickly at competitive prices, and payable safely.

Do not waste time, get your e-commerce website!

Avyacom implements e-commerce websites tailor-made, highly efficient and at the image of your company. We consider your objectives to meet your customers needs and adapt to your market.
Whether you’re looking to set up an online catalog linked to your current database and your service providers / suppliers / customers / or develop an independent online store, we develop tailor-made solutions to best meet your needs.

Performance analysis of ecommerce website

Selling online is one thing, but to analyze the performance of your e-commerce site is even better. The main strength for a site comes from the analysis of users and of their behaviors. This is how that we can optimize different pages.


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