Development and Design of web mobile applications

Today, everyone has smart phones or tablets wich are part of everyday life. Most of the research on web perform increasingly through theses mobile devices.
In order to reach your target in its daily and respond to this request for users to navigate from their mobile, you as well need to launch your web mobile application.

Why a web mobile application rather than a native mobile application?

Web mobile applications can be accessed from any smartphone, unlike a native mobile application wich is compatible only for iPhone or Android or BlackBerry and oblige you to create three applications. Therefore You target all the mobile phone and tablets users.

Avyacom design efficient mobile applications

Many companies embarking on the mobile web does not care enough to the ergonomics of their application. Consequently, most mobile users go once on their mobile site and never return. At Avyacom, before designing a web mobile application, we take the time to develop a solid strategy.
Two elements are mandatory for the good functioning of web mobile application: usability and performance.
The mobile application should be intuitive to the user, who must be able to navigate without getting lost. Using icons, buttons or boxes facilitates navigation.
We must also adapt the application to the screen size, whether for a tablet or smartphone, in vertical or horizontal display.

Web mobile application optimized for search engines

Content is an important element to reach the right target. Like traditional websites, web mobile applications need to be optimized for SEO. Indeed, to reach a mobile page and obtain information, mobile users go through search engines. It should therefore not neglect the traffic created by this channel. We must also remember that a mobile user will not search for the same thing as Internet user: He looks for local area information (search for a hotel, an event, a restaurant, a business), News …

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