A unique graphic universe

We perceive the image or the impression that we make each individual through his appearance. It is the same for a company (or institution, association, etc.)

Your visual identity represents your business, your values, and your product. Whatever project you wish to formulate, it is essential that we be consistent with your world. The development of a complete graphic universe is therefore the first step to communicate to customers & companies. This universe will allow you to stand out but also to target your customers & define your commercial ambitions.

We create for you: Logo, visual identity, graphic charter that we decline on all print media: business cards, letterhead, flyer, brochure, brochure, adhesive showcase or vehicle … as well as your presence at exhibitions : posters, displays, kakemono …

… And on web support: website showcase a few pages, dynamic website, administrable website, blog, etc …

… and audio-visual creations, such as jingles or audio messages or even clips, teasers, trailers for your new products or services as well as animations for distribution in salons, waiting rooms, tools for commercial …

A graphic design, sound or visual identity to create a visual communication.

Graphic design and PAO

Designing files for printing
Because the visual identity of a project is the keystone of a successful communication, we develop visuals that are clean, original and adapted to your audience. From the creation of a logo to the implementation of a graphic charter, Avyacom intervenes at every stage of your communication. The important thing for us is to maintain consistency to identify your project quickly.

Stands & POS

Visual design for stands and POS
At Avyacom, we see things big! We create your visuals for POS and large event formats (kakemono, counter, totem …) as well as covering for all types of vehicles according to the template of your printers.


Realization of original illustrations for any support
At Avyacom, we love beautiful things made by hand, it’s the small side craft! What’s more natural than taking a pencil and a sheet of paper? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, Avyacom realizes illustrations of all types: hand illustrations, vector illustration, photography, etc … The illustration is an asset of choice in your future communication needs.


Digital printing or offset of your documents
Whether for small formats in large quantities or large formats in small quantities, Avyacom is responsible for printing and delivering your various documents (flyer, brochure, poster) through its network of trusted partners.


Handmade print on paper and textile
at Avyacom, we appreciate is to create visuals from A to Z. That’s why we also offer to print your images in small and medium quantity on textile (tshirt, totebag, sweatshirt, flag, patch .. .) and on paper (poster, card, cardboard …). From the creation of the visual to its impression, Avyacom accompanies you in this work of graphic identity so atypical and concrete.

Video film

Filming, directing and video editing
Web or TV broadcast, simple presentation, video clip, report or a corporate video, Avyacom is involved in the implementation of your project filmed for design, production and editing, Avyacom ensures the process from A to Z!

creation of logos – creation of visual identities – creation of graphic charters – production of flyers – production of brochures – production of presentation brochures – production of technical data sheets – realization of technical drawings – realization of graphic decorations – creation of business cards – realization of papers in mind – creation of advertising objects – creation of covering vehicles – creation of packaging products – creation of kakemonos – creation of posters – creation of signage

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