CMS / Content management system

The benefits of choosing Open Source CMS :
CMS or Content Management System is tool allowing to make changes by yourself on your website. Editing text, image, add PDF documents, update the database. Great freedom and no need of your developper.

There are many types of Open Source CMS :

Originally created for blogging, these management systems have evolved and have become great web tools development. Less expensive than web development from scratch, this solution has plenty of addons and plugins wich allow you to get wonderfull websites.

The benefits of a CMS developed by Avyacom

We develop your website’s CMS according to your specifications. This tool will be therefore personalized and will meet your wishes.
The management interface will be tailored to your needs, so much easier to use, an Open Source solution with access to features required for editing your website.
The Open Source has a code available to all and that will allow many modifications.
Websites developed in CMS by Avyacom are faster to display, an important point for users.


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